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Where It All Began

The dream of owning and operating a food truck happened over a decade ago. It took working in the culinary industry for nearly twenty years, holding many positions, working my way up the culinary corporate ladder, an online store, and a pandemic to make the dream into a reality.

Chef Rommel Mendoza is a Filipino chef that has been promoting Filipino food and culture for many years. “I wanted to promote Filipino culture the best way I know, through food. And rather than having the usual food cart or cargo van food truck, I wanted something that would represent the Philippines.” In the Philippines, the Filipino jeepney is a major mode of transportation. With that idea in mind, Chef Rommel wanted to find something as close to the Philippine jeepney and convert it into a food truck. An idea popped into his head…a mini-school bus!!! “The mini-bus is the closes thing in the USA to the jeepney; so I purchased a bus and had it converted to a jeepney food truck!”

In addition, rather than having it parked at one location, Chef Rommel wants to drive to his customers in order to share his Filipino cuisine and culture; rather than customers having to come to him if it was stationary. So where ever ROMMEL’s is serving, “Come by, say hi, and Enjoy Delicious!”

In the Spotlight


Chef Rommel’s passion for cooking has evolved into an adventure. His love for cooking tugged at his heartstrings as he was working as a sales trainer in the corporate world. Upon hearing the culinary call, he enrolled at Stratford University, an accredited culinary institute, received a culinary degree, and finished top of his class.

Rommel Mendoza has been in the culinary industry for nearly twenty years.  He formerly was an executive chef of a fine dining/sports lounge establishment, operated a smoothie/deli shop, and owned a small catering business.  His past position in the corporate dining world was Vice President of Culinary and Innovation for Thompson Hospitality, the largest minority-owned food service company in the United States; overlooking the company’s retail brands in the corporate dining world throughout USA and Canada. He also conducted cooking classes, speaking engagements, and cooking events.  Chef Rommel is influenced by his Filipino culture, and his mother’s cooking, and travels to Europe due to his father being stationed abroad.

In addition to his achievements in the culinary world, Chef Rommel is the author of Prix Fixe:  Made in the USA by a Filipino; Memoirs and Recipes of the Traveling Chef.  In 2016, Fil-Am Chef Pushes Filipino Cuisine was published in Manila Mail Publication.  In addition, “A Pro You Should Know:  Rommel Mendoza, Corporate Executive Chef was published in Foodservice Equipment and Supplies in November 2018. Chef Rommel has also appeared on Louie Roa’s (Portland’s Concert King) social media show:  “Friday Nights with Kuya Louie.  Just recently, Chef Rommel was interviewed on 89.5 The Playroom Pinoy Lokal Show with the incredible radio and social media personalities Benny Davis and Crizel.

ROMMEL’s Filipino BBQ & Fusion Fare food truck has also made a media appearance.  It can be seen in Hip Hop Artist Talilo Marfil’s incredible, worldwide music video “Big Flip”.  If you watch closely, Chef Rommel has a cameo!

In 2017, Chef Rommel established Mendoza Food Alliance, LLC.  It is an online-e-commerce store of which several brands he developed to make up this most unique and delicious company.  His brands consist of a line of artisan pickled products called Pickled Pinoy, a line of fresh/farm-to-table jams called three brothers jam, 5 Horsemen Hot Sauce, World Jerky Beef Jerky, tbj artisan bakery, The Siopao, and Mendoza Food Alliance Consulting!

In July 2022, Chef Rommel expanded his company operations and added a unique food truck concept that roams the Portland, Oregon Metro area. Wanting to share his Filipino cuisine and culture, Chef Rommel converted a mini-school bus into a Filipino Jeepney Food Truck called ROMMEL’s Filipino BBQ & Fusion Fare.  Check out his social media sites to know where he may be scheduled next!

Chef Rommel believes “You are never too old to learn” and looks forward to continuing his journey in the culinary world.



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